(Daily Post Content and Inspirations)

We performing the following list of activities for your social media accounts



Through Social Media Influences

  • Instagram - Black Circle
  • Post pictures 1 time per day of new/features listings

  • Publish 2 videos each week (15 sec-2 minutes videos)

  • Have a lot of followers by virtue of posting images and some product content daily on it.

  • Increase number of likes and shares along with competing with the others..

  • Sharing the pics with Facebook and linked in as the integration works wonders.

  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Regular posting 1-2 time posting for Growth in Facebook fans

  • Publish 2 videos each week (15 sec-2 minutes videos)

  • Quality content creation and design

  • Always links back to professional blog

  • Creating awareness about the products/services

  • Communicate about new launches

  • Build a strong fan base

  • Engagement with the audience

  • YouTube - Black Circle
  •  Will post 15 seconds - 5 minutes video on YouTube to showcase you to the target audience.

  • Videos will be supported with niche quality tag, has-tag, keywords and descriptions.

  • Twitter - Black Circle
  • Tweet 3-6 times per day

  • Tweet during peak online attention of

  • Share the links of website, images and posts
  • Involvement and responding to people’s tweets

  • targeted potential customers

  • Use the top hash tags for the product in most tweets

  • Connect with top Twitter Chat hosts to schedule Twitter Chats

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
  • Post 1 time per weekday.

  • Post industry-relevant news in feed

  • Link back to your professional blog

  • Network for referral partners

  • Pinterest - Black Circle
  • Post 1 time per day

  • Create Pin-able images on the website

  • Inform your users - Announce your Pin-able images to all your other social sites 

  • Create a Group Board for wider reach – and hand-select the Pinner’s


Daily Posting/Campaign for Philadelphia Pizza Power

Special custom design videos and image of product menus and inspiration quote.

Social Media Branding

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Mass Distribution through Social Media

Flyers & Videos

This is a 1 time order100 Social media content & resources


Mass Marketing through Social Media